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tip for the clueless: training / running with a specific purpose

29 Nov

i think i seen this before...

came upon this mysterious altar of flower petals at the side of the track where i last ran.

decided to start running regularly. not jog. run. but at this point i think it will look more like a jog than a run even if i am trying my hardest ^^;

i’m sure my cardiovascular condition is shot. never been the type to “go jogging for general health”.

don’t just “work out”. train. whatever you do, do with a purpose in mind. i run to get better at running. i run against my waistline so that i stop having to upsize my damn pants each year. i run so that the armed forces will give me a $400 ang bao before my next birthday. i run to improve my body’s cardiovascular efficiency, thus requiring less effort to do more work.

think about it.

so before you head to the gym or hit the track the next time, ask yourself what you want to achieve and whether what you are about to do is a step towards that goal.

otherwise why do it?