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Getting an anti-pollution respirator for scootering

28 Jul

H asked why I wasn’t wearing a mask to protect my lungs while I faithfully wear a jacket to keep the dirt off my clothes when riding.

what? your clothes are more important than your lungs?

Brilliant point. I had no excuse.

Thus began my search for respirators, a proper respirator for use on the congested roads of Singapore.

After consulting teh interwebz and numerous reviews, I decided to try the respro bandit mask out first.

Just came in the mail yesterday :D

Bought it off ebay for S$37+ including shipping. Activated carbon filter, lasts 6 months and you get to look like a ninja. Or a grass cutter in this part of the world.

There are a few other options available, such as the Bane-looking respro masks, activated carbon icanbreathe masks, stylish vogmasks or the locally-available totobobo. I’ll prolly try the rest of them after this one. ^^