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one week after singapore general elections 2011 – what now (for the voter) from here?

18 May

Workers’ Party pulls off an unprecedented win in a GRC; a capable minister gets sacrificed in the process; a vastly unpopular and undeserving candidate, now MP, gets paid a 5-digit salary to “learn the ropes” in parliament; the Returning Officer unwittingly becomes an overnight sensation thanks to the new media.

What now for us, the people? Our voting duties discharged and the excitement over, do we sit back to take a breather from our online and offline discussions about election issues and return to our apathetic attitudes towards public policy knowing that we had done well, we had done our part to strengthen democracy in this country, we had tried to make our voices heard through Facebook petitions, we had chosen to secure our lift upgrading and sheltered walkways, our futures safe because our world-class government is still in the driver’s seat?

Do we watch the representatives we had chosen to do their jobs for the next 5 years with our eyes wide shut?

While the embers of active citizenship still smolder in your bellies, commit yourself to remember the promises made by your representatives during their campaign for your trust and your vote: their promise to be your voice in parliament; to work towards a world class parliament; to bring to your neighbourhood long overdue upgrading works; to control the immigration floodgates; to make public housing affordable again; and perhaps most importantly the incumbent government promise to listen to you and work for you instead of the other way round.

Don’t forget that the whole point is to select those who could best represent us and who could work with us to build our nation.

That part is done. Now it is up to us play our part, to hold the victors accountable, to speak up when something is wrong, to stop whining on the sidelines and actively contribute in our own ways, so that by 2016 we will be able to judge for ourselves and vote with conviction, without the influence of impassioned speeches and thinly-veiled threats.


challenges of staying on course

22 Apr

the article below was written with physical training and dieting in mind but could also be applied in other areas or goals in life, or wherever you find willpower to be lacking and need to strategise.

Ego Depletion & Cognitive Currency

by Chris Shugart – 04/20/2011

Imagine getting ready for work or school in the morning. Along with some cash or a debit card, you reach into your dresser drawer and count out a certain amount of cognitive currency. This is the amount of willpower, discipline, and self-control you have to spend for the day.

Now, during the day you spend some of this mental currency on work or school stress, some focusing on your job, relationships, and family, and some on your training and diet goals.

On a rough day, you return home with your wallet empty. You’ve exhausted all your willpower, all your mental money, for the day. Diet plan? What diet plan? Dinner turns into a refeed, which turns into a cheat meal, which turns into a junk food bender.

What happened?

Psychologists call it ego depletion. The gist is that willpower and self-control are limited cognitive resources. When you overexert yourself in one area of life, you have fewer resources left over to “spend” on other areas of your life.

(This is probably why experts don’t encourage alcoholics to quit smoking as they try to quit drinking. They don’t have enough willpower to spend on those two equally “expensive” goals.)

This is why so may knowledgeable physique competitors pay someone else to write their training or diet programs for them. They’re not ignorant; they just know they need to conserve as much cognitive currency in their psychological bank accounts as possible.

If they spend a lot of mental energy on writing the perfect twice-per-day workout plan, then spend more on designing a 12-week diet, there wouldn’t be enough left to spend on willpower, self-discipline, and simply carrying out the all-consuming plan.

So what do we do with this info? Well, maybe starting a super strict diet at the same time you start a new job isn’t the best idea. Maybe a twice-daily workout plan is best performed in the summer, not when you’re carrying 18 hours and a double major.

I’m not saying to slack off. Far from it. But you must learn to spend your mental currency wisely. Focus it mostly on a singular goal while maintaining everything else. Remember, chase two rabbits and both will escape.

And, if someone else can help you, if you can borrow some of their mental currency, then do it. Adopt someone else’s program, do someone else’s diet, take the supplements they recommend (assuming you trust and value their expertise.) Save your brain juice for the intense focus it’ll take to work those plans.

Remember too that life is full of people and situations that drain your mental currency faster than a gold-digging girlfriend who nicks your Visa. Many of these toxic people and situations are avoidable. So sack up and avoid them.

Now, all that said, keep this in mind: cognitive currency can be invested and grown.

Every successful investment of willpower pays dividends in the future. Spend wisely, profit from your investments, and the next time you tackle a goal you’ll have more capital in the bank.

original article from t-nation.

out of touch

22 Feb

totally lost touch with what’s current in mandopop ever since i started riding a scoot because my only source of info was from the radio.

it also means that the only songs i know how to sing in the ktv now could only be found in the alphabetically-ordered menu and not the “latest hits” menu.

ktvs still use physical copies of song menu don’t they? or are they all electronic now? ^^;

anyways the only time i listen to the radio now is when i hitch a ride in somebody’s car.

happened to hear a nice song and managed to remember one sentence from the song and found it quite easily on youtube. still remember having to wait by the radio with fingers on the record button of the tape recorder if i wanted to share my favourite songs with friends… come to think of it, wasn’t that music piracy in its infancy? -_-;

lovely songs to mope to when feeling emo.

chinese new year in the singaporean heartlands

1 Feb

looking forward to the ang baos? just a few more days to the super long weekend!

it's the year of the rabbit, for those who aren't familiar with chinese horoscope

was out and about picking up some red packets, just in case i needed to give away any this year.

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