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epic photo: a supercell thunderstorm

2 Dec

like, umm, wow.

A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset. (Photo and caption by Sean Heavey)

to give you a sense of perspective, see the little bump near the lower right corner? i think that’s a tree.

see it in its full glory here. (and lots of other nice photos too!)


photography, hobby, memories

20 Aug

i like taking pictures, especially candid shots of people.

but generally i take really bad pictures. when i do remember, i try to observe the rule of thirds, but the real problem is that i tend to capture my subjects in the most unflattering ways – eyes half-closed, mouth gaping, hair in the face, weird expression, double/triple chin showing, etc. unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who’s point of view) i can’t post my collection of candid shot fails or i will be left with zero friends ^^;

my incompetence behind the lens aside, what i like best about taking pictures is that after awhile i can go back to look at them and either recall the moment or very often, see things from a totally different perspective. it’s almost like the photo was taken by someone else.

do you prefer to be in front or behind the lens?