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World’s Biggest PAC-MAN

26 Apr

omg this is madness.

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN.


amazon cloud drive – free, no waiting time, 2gb attachments.

4 Apr

looking for somewhere online where you can store and retrieve your large media files or documents but don’t want to use free file sharing services that force you to wait for a countdown timer to run down before downloading or have caps on downloading bandwidth?

amazon had just launched its cloud drive service last month – gives you 5gb of disk space, allows individual files of up to 2gb, no countdown timer or download cap.

all you need to do is to register as a member at amazon.com for free.

i had started using it to upload mp3 files and downloading them on my work computer. working well so far :)

my only gripe is that you can’t mass download your files and can only retrieve one file at a time.

Qtrax music – unlimited, free & legal music downloads

28 Mar

screenshot from qtrax's website.

free, legal and unlimited music downloads.

orly? legal? is it possible?

this is how qtrax describes itself:

“Qtrax is the world’s first free and legal peer-to-peer (P2P) music download service.  The Qtrax application is an open source desktop music player built on the Mozilla platform, paired with a music portal site. With Qtrax, you get instant access to the music that you want, without any legal hassles. Most importantly, since advertising supports Qtrax, the artists are always compensated for their work, with licensing that distributes this digital music online.”

currently only available in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, US.

check it out here -> Qtrax music.

i haven’t tried it out yet, drop some comments here if you do. ^^