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another hot babe alert – yuka from moumoon

7 Apr

had been listening to moumoon lately and absolutely hooked to the uplifting beat of one of their songs, ハレルヤ (Hallelujah).

after that i googled about the group and found the group even lovelier. i’ll let the pics speak for themselves. :D

yuka in moumoon's latest album, 15 doors.

wears the stylish rocker look very well too.

+1 for really nice legs.

i find girls with the ability to carry off different looks much more attractive than even a super chiobu with only one look. moumoon’s yuka seem to be able to do so with ease. *swoon*


Qtrax music – unlimited, free & legal music downloads

28 Mar

screenshot from qtrax's website.

free, legal and unlimited music downloads.

orly? legal? is it possible?

this is how qtrax describes itself:

“Qtrax is the world’s first free and legal peer-to-peer (P2P) music download service.  The Qtrax application is an open source desktop music player built on the Mozilla platform, paired with a music portal site. With Qtrax, you get instant access to the music that you want, without any legal hassles. Most importantly, since advertising supports Qtrax, the artists are always compensated for their work, with licensing that distributes this digital music online.”

currently only available in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, US.

check it out here -> Qtrax music.

i haven’t tried it out yet, drop some comments here if you do. ^^

out of touch

22 Feb

totally lost touch with what’s current in mandopop ever since i started riding a scoot because my only source of info was from the radio.

it also means that the only songs i know how to sing in the ktv now could only be found in the alphabetically-ordered menu and not the “latest hits” menu.

ktvs still use physical copies of song menu don’t they? or are they all electronic now? ^^;

anyways the only time i listen to the radio now is when i hitch a ride in somebody’s car.

happened to hear a nice song and managed to remember one sentence from the song and found it quite easily on youtube. still remember having to wait by the radio with fingers on the record button of the tape recorder if i wanted to share my favourite songs with friends… come to think of it, wasn’t that music piracy in its infancy? -_-;

lovely songs to mope to when feeling emo.