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tear-jerker of an anime: kimi ni todoke

20 Jan

this ship is currently running on a really tight routine -_-;

watched (only) the first 8 episodes of kimi ni todoke (reaching you) last night.

the last time a single anime-related series repeatedly brought me so close to tears was probably densha otoko (train man).

otaku buddies of the protagonist in densha otoko

yes i know, my friends also think i’m weird getting teary-eyed at an otaku’s struggle in real-life romance.

the only one anime that really made me weep was hotaru no haka (better known as grave of the fireflies to us non-nihongo speakers), that show was so sad that i don’t think i can ever watch it again.

i would throughly recommend watching all three shows. won’t spoiler you with any reviews or even synopsis. kimi ni todoke and densha otoko are light-hearted and touching friendship-romance series, while grave of the fireflies is outright depressing. -_-


new christopher nolan / leonardo dicaprio movie: inception

12 Jul

saw the trailer and was like wtf@! must watch. must.

2 more trailers after the jump. gives you a better idea what the show might be about.

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latest review of Umizaru 海猿 2006 movie

2 Mar

What I really mean is “late-est”.

A movie review 4 years after it’s out?? Ha! Sharing this with you because I enjoyed the show :) Hope you will consider watching it if you haven’t already done so.

popcorn entertainment - sit back and enjoy the show :)

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