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ippt 2.4km training: back to the drawing board

31 Jan

last weekend i took my ippt.

after several weekly 2.4km-specific training sessions, i thought i would at least improve from last year’s timing, which was about 11min30sec-odd…

but i didn’t.

in fact i did several seconds worse than last year.

my training was flawed.

so it’s back to the drawing board for me. i will have to increase the training frequency for my 2.4km practice runs, prolly from once a week (^^;) to 3 times a week, alternating interval training sessions with regular runs. i think i’ll make my next attempt at maju fcc, so i wouldn’t need to worry about not being able to run if it rains.



challenge accepted: ippt

28 Dec

ran my lungs out during the last ippt and got $200 for it. :D

not too bad for an uncle.

every once in a while, you see guys who only sweat when the aircon is faulty suddenly start on the hamster wheel and randomly doing chin-ups in the gym.


a simple 4 letter word that haunts many nsmen, judging by the number of people in the ippt preparatory training and remedial training.

trivia: currently, more than 50% of nsmen pass their ippt every year.

meaning over 40% of them fail every year. not really a surprise if you think about the lifestyle most of us lead – either staring at a tv or computer monitor most of the time.

chatting with colleagues about ippt, the topic of how impossible it is to hit the $400 ang bao in ippt comes up – usually because the timing for the gold incentive for the 2.4km test station seems impossible to attain.

i then decided that this is one of the things i want to achieve  – to get the gold award in ippt for once.

so i’ve been training for it.

if you look at my tweets on the right, you will find my progress not too promising. -_-; i’ve got a month or two left to train. 3 months if i attempt the next test immediately after my current ippt windows closes.

difficult? yes. impossible? i believe not.

we’ll see in a few months’ time.

kewchuicitis: an unavoidable side-effect of training for 2.4km run

6 Dec

great weather for the beach. not so good for a run.

colleague SY: hey, you kew chui is it?

colleague aB: ya, you look like you deflated liao.

me: *sigh* ya, i’ve been running. training for ippt lah -_-;

as i go on my training runs, i find myself losing muscle mass slowly, very demoralising for one who has to work very hard to gain weight. will have to eat properly and tune my weight training to maintain muscle mass in order to beat kewchuicitis.

anyways, i’m going to start tracking the progress of my runs. my last timed run about a month ago was 13min20sec.

target will be below 10min15sec.

tip for the clueless: training / running with a specific purpose

29 Nov

i think i seen this before...

came upon this mysterious altar of flower petals at the side of the track where i last ran.

decided to start running regularly. not jog. run. but at this point i think it will look more like a jog than a run even if i am trying my hardest ^^;

i’m sure my cardiovascular condition is shot. never been the type to “go jogging for general health”.

don’t just “work out”. train. whatever you do, do with a purpose in mind. i run to get better at running. i run against my waistline so that i stop having to upsize my damn pants each year. i run so that the armed forces will give me a $400 ang bao before my next birthday. i run to improve my body’s cardiovascular efficiency, thus requiring less effort to do more work.

think about it.

so before you head to the gym or hit the track the next time, ask yourself what you want to achieve and whether what you are about to do is a step towards that goal.

otherwise why do it?

squats and 2.4km run for IPPT – results

26 Jul

this is the follow-up to the previous post on whether training squats will help you pass your 2.4km timing.

here’s the result of the subject’s test:

verdict: to get better at running, go run.

 so my highly unscientific and unstandardised test proves that if you don’t train according to your purpose, you will get a “Try harder next time” at the end of your result slip.

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