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another hot babe alert – yuka from moumoon

7 Apr

had been listening to moumoon lately and absolutely hooked to the uplifting beat of one of their songs, ハレルヤ (Hallelujah).

after that i googled about the group and found the group even lovelier. i’ll let the pics speak for themselves. :D

yuka in moumoon's latest album, 15 doors.

wears the stylish rocker look very well too.

+1 for really nice legs.

i find girls with the ability to carry off different looks much more attractive than even a super chiobu with only one look. moumoon’s yuka seem to be able to do so with ease. *swoon*


hot babe alert – alodia gosiengfiao and sakana sashimi

29 Jul

in case if you found either of the two pictures from the previous post too skinny or too buffed for your liking, i offer you (pictures of) two incredibly moe cosplayers to soothe your offended eyes.

first up is the very hot alodia gosiengfiao from philippines.

like Mio from K-On :3

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