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Getting an anti-pollution respirator for scootering

28 Jul

H asked why I wasn’t wearing a mask to protect my lungs while I faithfully wear a jacket to keep the dirt off my clothes when riding.

what? your clothes are more important than your lungs?

Brilliant point. I had no excuse.

Thus began my search for respirators, a proper respirator for use on the congested roads of Singapore.

After consulting teh interwebz and numerous reviews, I decided to try the respro bandit mask out first.

Just came in the mail yesterday :D

Bought it off ebay for S$37+ including shipping. Activated carbon filter, lasts 6 months and you get to look like a ninja. Or a grass cutter in this part of the world.

There are a few other options available, such as the Bane-looking respro masks, activated carbon icanbreathe masks, stylish vogmasks or the locally-available totobobo. I’ll prolly try the rest of them after this one. ^^


challenges of staying on course

22 Apr

the article below was written with physical training and dieting in mind but could also be applied in other areas or goals in life, or wherever you find willpower to be lacking and need to strategise.

Ego Depletion & Cognitive Currency

by Chris Shugart – 04/20/2011

Imagine getting ready for work or school in the morning. Along with some cash or a debit card, you reach into your dresser drawer and count out a certain amount of cognitive currency. This is the amount of willpower, discipline, and self-control you have to spend for the day.

Now, during the day you spend some of this mental currency on work or school stress, some focusing on your job, relationships, and family, and some on your training and diet goals.

On a rough day, you return home with your wallet empty. You’ve exhausted all your willpower, all your mental money, for the day. Diet plan? What diet plan? Dinner turns into a refeed, which turns into a cheat meal, which turns into a junk food bender.

What happened?

Psychologists call it ego depletion. The gist is that willpower and self-control are limited cognitive resources. When you overexert yourself in one area of life, you have fewer resources left over to “spend” on other areas of your life.

(This is probably why experts don’t encourage alcoholics to quit smoking as they try to quit drinking. They don’t have enough willpower to spend on those two equally “expensive” goals.)

This is why so may knowledgeable physique competitors pay someone else to write their training or diet programs for them. They’re not ignorant; they just know they need to conserve as much cognitive currency in their psychological bank accounts as possible.

If they spend a lot of mental energy on writing the perfect twice-per-day workout plan, then spend more on designing a 12-week diet, there wouldn’t be enough left to spend on willpower, self-discipline, and simply carrying out the all-consuming plan.

So what do we do with this info? Well, maybe starting a super strict diet at the same time you start a new job isn’t the best idea. Maybe a twice-daily workout plan is best performed in the summer, not when you’re carrying 18 hours and a double major.

I’m not saying to slack off. Far from it. But you must learn to spend your mental currency wisely. Focus it mostly on a singular goal while maintaining everything else. Remember, chase two rabbits and both will escape.

And, if someone else can help you, if you can borrow some of their mental currency, then do it. Adopt someone else’s program, do someone else’s diet, take the supplements they recommend (assuming you trust and value their expertise.) Save your brain juice for the intense focus it’ll take to work those plans.

Remember too that life is full of people and situations that drain your mental currency faster than a gold-digging girlfriend who nicks your Visa. Many of these toxic people and situations are avoidable. So sack up and avoid them.

Now, all that said, keep this in mind: cognitive currency can be invested and grown.

Every successful investment of willpower pays dividends in the future. Spend wisely, profit from your investments, and the next time you tackle a goal you’ll have more capital in the bank.

original article from t-nation.

online shopping for cheap health supplements

3 Jan


the goodies from the interwebz (usa).

before the world wide webz, most of us folks were at the mercy of local health stores like nature’s farm and gnc when it came to sports and health supplements. i still remember paying hundreds of bucks for gigantic tubs of mega mass which tasted like powdered diabetes and collecting little loyalty stamps to exchange for some royal jelly or vitamin c caps. ^^;

then came the interwebz, local online retailers sprouted up and prices started dropping.

a little bit later from the depths of the forums came mass orders (or MOs) and sprees, where net denizens came together to achieve better economy of scale by concentrating their purchasing power and sharing delivery charges.

retailers from beyond the straits of singapore also became more accessible and this really opened up the choice of items available for purchase.

i luv the interwebz, among many many other reasons, for helping me save moolah purchasing supplements and finding gym gear not available in singapore.

my order of fish oil - jarrow's max dha. good stuff at good price.

i ordered these fish oil softgels before xmas and received them just before the new year. they came up to an average of $24 each bottle, a cool $14 savings per bottle based on retail price of $38 at a local online retailer. woot!


claims to reduce elbow/ wrist pain and increase grip/ arm strength... the only way to find out is try them out myself.

also getting gym gear not available in singapore like fat gripz through an MO. only $54 for a pair, way cheaper than if i were to order and ship in a set on my own. ^^

tip for the clueless: training / running with a specific purpose

29 Nov

i think i seen this before...

came upon this mysterious altar of flower petals at the side of the track where i last ran.

decided to start running regularly. not jog. run. but at this point i think it will look more like a jog than a run even if i am trying my hardest ^^;

i’m sure my cardiovascular condition is shot. never been the type to “go jogging for general health”.

don’t just “work out”. train. whatever you do, do with a purpose in mind. i run to get better at running. i run against my waistline so that i stop having to upsize my damn pants each year. i run so that the armed forces will give me a $400 ang bao before my next birthday. i run to improve my body’s cardiovascular efficiency, thus requiring less effort to do more work.

think about it.

so before you head to the gym or hit the track the next time, ask yourself what you want to achieve and whether what you are about to do is a step towards that goal.

otherwise why do it?

review of optimum nutrition’s 100% casein protein

2 Nov

nutrition profile:

100% micellar casein! supplement companies usually use other types of caseinates or blend it with whey isolates or concentrates for their slow-release protein products because micellar is supposed to be more expensive. so i was quite delighted when i saw the label on my tub :)

but this is also where it gets confusing. i went to ON’s website and found their label claiming to be a blend. which one is correct? i will try writing in to ON to check.

the tub i bought from a local online retailer listed only micellar casein...

...while on Optimum Nutrition's own website it was listed as a blend of micellar and calcium caseinate.


i had the chocolate supreme flavour and mixed it with milk. the taste reminded me of milo but not as sweet, which i like. then again i don’t have a sweet tooth, so it might just be not sweet enough for others.

had also expected the texture to be thick and slightly powdery after mixing. i mixed with milk (10 ounces) and it was much thicker and more powdery tasting than i thought. adding more liquid and letting it sit for a bit after mixing seemed to make the drink smoother.


i mixed the protein powder with full fat milk in a normal shaker. mixes ok with shaking but there are times when a layer of powder get stuck to the inside wall of the shaker. it becomes thick very quickly, so don’t expect it to be as easily and as totally dissolved like regular whey. still acceptable for casein powder.


i got my 4 lbs tub for S$90 which i think is a good deal, especially considering the pure micellar casein content.


based on the four factors considered above, i would recommend optimum nutrition’s 100% casein to anybody looking for a slow-release protein powder for use just before sleeping.

hope the review is somehow useful for you! :D