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online shopping for cheap health supplements

3 Jan


the goodies from the interwebz (usa).

before the world wide webz, most of us folks were at the mercy of local health stores like nature’s farm and gnc when it came to sports and health supplements. i still remember paying hundreds of bucks for gigantic tubs of mega mass which tasted like powdered diabetes and collecting little loyalty stamps to exchange for some royal jelly or vitamin c caps. ^^;

then came the interwebz, local online retailers sprouted up and prices started dropping.

a little bit later from the depths of the forums came mass orders (or MOs) and sprees, where net denizens came together to achieve better economy of scale by concentrating their purchasing power and sharing delivery charges.

retailers from beyond the straits of singapore also became more accessible and this really opened up the choice of items available for purchase.

i luv the interwebz, among many many other reasons, for helping me save moolah purchasing supplements and finding gym gear not available in singapore.

my order of fish oil - jarrow's max dha. good stuff at good price.

i ordered these fish oil softgels before xmas and received them just before the new year. they came up to an average of $24 each bottle, a cool $14 savings per bottle based on retail price of $38 at a local online retailer. woot!


claims to reduce elbow/ wrist pain and increase grip/ arm strength... the only way to find out is try them out myself.

also getting gym gear not available in singapore like fat gripz through an MO. only $54 for a pair, way cheaper than if i were to order and ship in a set on my own. ^^


why set up a home gym? and where to get the best deal in singapore. (part two)

31 Dec

so you got really inspired by the previous post on reasons why you should set up your home gym and found some space in your home to do so. wondering what equipment to get? how much do they cost? where can i buy them from in singapore?

caveat: the set up that i recommend below is meant for those who are serious at gaining strength and building muscle. you shouldn’t need to invest so much space or money if you are just looking to “tone up”.

so here are my recommendations in order of importance:

a pair of adjustable dumbbells. the dumbbell handle/bar should be at least 16″ to allow loading of more plates as you grow stronger.

why you should get them: you can do all kinds of training with just a pair of dumbbells. choose threaded dumbbells with spinlock/ star collars.

where to get them: local online retailers like nutritionpark, nutrifirst or online sellers in forums. local stores carry them as well but usually much more expensive then online sellers.

budget tip: http://www.jmall.sg offers rubberised weight plates from $3.20 per kg. they are currently on promotion at $2.40 per kg, offer till mid-Jan 2011 though.

rockstar tip: there are only two local sources in singapore for 16″ dumbbell handles that i know of – aibi is selling them at around $30 each. http://www.eachadeal.com offers a much better deal at $45 for a pair, but have to order 3 weeks in advance.

an adjustable flat-incline-decline bench.

why you should get it: how to do your all-time favourite bench press without a bench?

where to get it: almost any fitness equipment retailer and most online sellers carry them. the problem is that the cheap ones are really flimsy and the good ones are really expensive.

budget tip: under $200 from http://www.jmall.sg or http://www.eachadeal.com.

rockstar tip: forget about the foldable types, feels like it may collapse anytime. don’t be shy to test the bench before buying. lie on it and see if it’s too shaky for your liking.

olympic barbell and weights set.

why you should get it: this is your weapon of choice when it comes to building massive strength and muscle. load it up and lift.

where to get it: can be ordered from local online retailers like nutritionpark or eachadeal. aibi offers a 310lb weight and bar set for $1199.

budget tip: http://www.eachadeal.com offers a 100kg weight and bar set for $580 including delivery. the bar included has a 150kg load limit – not enough. upgrade to the max 350kg bar for $20 more.

rockstar tip: choose the 220cm, 20kg bar. ask for the load limit of the bar, choose one that is at least above 200kg. buy more plates.

a power rack – probably the most expensive part of your home gym.

why you should get it: allows you to do most exercises safely without a spotter, especially squats.

where to get it: local online stores like nutritionpark or ultimatesg. you can also order it from a local retailer like aibi.

budget tip: if you are not in a hurry, you can order the cheapest power rack from aibi at $788. but you have to wait 3-4 months.

gym mat flooring.

why you should get them: offers some protection for your floor and dampen the noise of your weight hitting the floor.

where to get them: most fitness equipment stores and most online sellers already mentioned above. cost varies according to the size of course.

budget tip: get the cheapo type from taising at north bridge road or from your lovely neighbourhood ntuc fairprice.  only $25 (or less) for 4 pieces of 60cm x 60cm, thickness between 1 to 1.4cm.

hope you somehow benefit from all the legwork i’ve done. do share in the comments section if you find better deals in singapore. :)

hope you have a fantastic new year ahead!

why set up a home gym? and where to get the best deal in singapore. (part one)

30 Dec

sick of seeing clowns curling in the power rack? tired of waiting forever to use the bench press? feel like giving equipment hoggers who refuse to share stations a suplex?

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lunch time gym equipment shopping trip

24 Dec

went out for a lunch-cum-shopping trip with gym buddy KH yesterday.

i’ve been trawling the interwebz for the best deals on gym equipment in singapore, will share my findings in another post. you will find it difficult to beat the deals i found, that much i am confident of. :D

this is part of the loot from yesterday’s mission: dumbbell plates!

the "J" logo turned upside down looks like an "L" initial ^^

more after the jump.

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update – more photos on home-made dip belt

23 Sep

as suggested by a comrade, here are some pictures of how the diy dip belt is used.

the belt can be strung through anywhere on the weight plate and the carabiner is positioned to the side.

you can rest the weight plate flat on your lap…

…or between your legs.

you can find the very simple instructions to a diy weighted dip/ chin up belt here.

hope it’s useful :)