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UK retail store sold a white iPhone 4 – Crave – CNET Asia

26 Apr

for those of you who had been waiting,  signs point to the impending arrival of the white iphone 4.

unfortunately, it appears that the only difference between the black and white iphone 4s is the colour.

UK retail store sold a white iPhone 4 – Crave – CNET Asia.


the iphone 5 seem to be just over the horizon: Report: iPhone 5 likely to start shipping in September – Crave – CNET Asia.


ipod stock earphones

4 Nov

took the train to my class today and couldn’t believe how many people were using ipod’s stock earphones -_-

because the buds really suck.

incredibly... uncomfortable >.<"

i tried them on on a bus ride and my ears hurt… and it was only for less than an hour. how can a company that is capable of designing such cool, intuitive and incredibly usable products trip on something as simple as the earphones?

fibre-optic broadband plans in Singapore from singtel, m1, starhub – but does it matter?

4 Sep

this is could have been the moment i had been waiting for since the Next Gen NBN was announced two years ago – finally the local telcos are rolling out fibre-optic broadband plans for the mass market.

but does it matter?

of course it matters! i don't want to wait 3 days to find out what the intriguing storyline of this 1.2Gb movie is!!1

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cnet asia: testing the iphone 4 antenna issue in singapore

9 Jul

iPhone 4 get? or worried about the signal reception issue? this article from cnet asia should be of interest to you, and especially relevant since they are testing the signal strength using a sim card from singapore operator starhub.

the link below:


pic from crave cnetasia

the latest is that apple will release a software fix to resolve the signal display issue but this does nothing for the antenna issue.