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freshly-made peanut butter

12 May

lately i noticed that some of my comrades at work seem to be having peanut butter sandwiches as snack quite regularly. reminded me of the period when i ate a lot of peanut butter between meals in order to gain weight. supermarket-variety peanut butter used to get a bad rep because of its trans-fat, sugar and sodium content but all that had since changed. relatively healthier versions of pb are now easily available.

i was in carrefour last weekend and bought myself some freshly-made pb, so devoid of additives that its shelf life is only a little over a month compared to the usual over-a-year of regular pb.

be warned that this wholesome-ish version of pb will not taste as creamy and sweet as your usual skippy pb, it’s like comparing refined white bread to wholemeal bread. ^^; friends who tried this gave mixed reviews: Kian, who loves the taste of wholemeal bread (and whom i thought prefered bland-tasting stuff) didn’t like it while Yang (a junk food lover) thought it tasted quite nice.

get it from carrefour, S$3.30 for a small cup (about 150gram?) in smooth, medium and crunchy versions.


late night eats in singapore: 24 hour 豆漿油條

10 Mar

soya milk and fried dough sticks? would that be the correct translation?

had been going out for suppers lately and realised that the all-night beancurd you tiao shop which i used to frequent was gone.

took me awhile to locate another one.

still bustling at around 2am.

they serve taiwanese snacks too.

so the next time you are craving for beancurd, you tiao and other snacks at 3am and don’t know where to go, try heading to this 豆漿油條大王 at geylang lorong 27a.

the food isn’t fantastic but hey, not many alternatives at this time of the night. ^^

healthy and tasty breakfast / snack

21 Jul

after weeks of eating very healthy (but boring) cereal, i was fast losing my enthusiasm for it and was craving for something appetising. a buddy comes to the rescue with her recommendation ->

pretty good stuff. nom nom nom.

so if you are sick of the usual fried beehoon and luncheon meat for breakfast or looking for a healthier alternative to goreng pisang for a snack, try this :)