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update – more photos on home-made dip belt

23 Sep

as suggested by a comrade, here are some pictures of how the diy dip belt is used.

the belt can be strung through anywhere on the weight plate and the carabiner is positioned to the side.

you can rest the weight plate flat on your lap…

…or between your legs.

you can find the very simple instructions to a diy weighted dip/ chin up belt here.

hope it’s useful :)


DIY training equipment: weighted chin-up/ dip belt

16 Sep

the view outside the gym. nice day. too bad it's not today.

looking around for a dip belt to do weighted chin-ups and dips but was too cheapskate unwilling to shell out close to a hundred bucks for it.

so how? make my own. here are what i needed for my homemade dip belt.

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