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Results from training program for calves

27 Jul

I wasn’t expecting to add an inch to my calves in a month when I first started on the training program.

I was right, kinda. I didn’t gain an inch but I did gain almost half an inch.

Half an inch!!

That’s pretty good result in my book, considering I did not follow the training instructions strictly. I didn’t spend 2 seconds on the eccentric phase and neither did I pause at the top for 2 seconds. I couldn’t even go 100 or even 50 reps straight so I had to split into 5 sets of 20. Finally I missed 5 days out of 30 days of training.

14.5 inches. I realised that my calves measure the same whether relaxed or flexed.

I’m going to continue the program for another month, this time with stricter form and rep to failure until I hit between 75 to 100 reps. Let’s see if there are more gains to be made on my chicken calves.


My calves. They hurt.

24 Jun

Results update here!

4th day of a 30-day program to add an inch to my calves, as promised by the article below:


Basically the program tells you to do between 50 to 100 reps of calf raises everyday for a month. The upward portion lasts 2 seconds, hold at the top for 2 seconds, and downward 2 seconds.

The only way to know if it works is to try it and the cost for trying this out is very low –  no prep, no equipment needed, easily performed anytime and anywhere. So here I am, into the 4th day and my calves ache like mad and I walk funny. I expect the ache to wear off eventually as the muscles adapt to the high repetitions, which was something I rarely do.

My calves measure 14 inches cold when I started this. Will report in 26 days with the results. :)