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the opennet fibre-optic installation experience

19 Mar

the optical fibre is really thin. like a strand of hair.

folks from opennet came by to fix up the fibre optic in my flat last weekend.

a tech working on the opennet box outside the flat.

a couple of dudes in the purple opennet uniform turned up with their gear and trunking for the fibre optic cable and surveyed my living room a little before suggesting where the trunking for the cable trunking should run.

i was surprised that they didn’t choose to use my existing wire trunking (like they did for a buddy of mine) as the fibre optic cable seemed thin enough to fit. getting it in without opening up the existing trunking would be difficult though.

will let the photos do the rest of the talking.

worksmanship is rough at best. don't expect too much.

no drilling or hammering involved when mounting the new trunking. only mounting tape. the only drilling done is for mounting the cable point box at the spot of your choosing.


chipped paint as they had to open up the trunking to access the cable coming in from outside. given the size of the cable, i thought it was overkill to have cut such a big hole on the side of my existing trunking. would have stopped the chap if i knew the hole was only meant for the cable. -_-;


after the cabling is done and cable point set up, another guy comes in with this very high-tech-looking box.

it is used to fuse together ends of optical fibres.

it looked like a very delicate process.

i only noticed that the new trunking did not run right next to the existing trunking later. don't be shy about telling them the exact route where you want the trunking to run.

this is how the insides of the cable point look when completed.

i'm guessing this is where the signal is being tested to ensure that the installation was successful.

after they were done, the crew asked for a broom and dustpan to clean up any mess they left behind, an offer which i appreciated but did not accept.

would love to be an early adopter and subscribe to a fibre optic broadband plan but i still got a year to go in my current starhub contract. ;_;

so here’s my advice when your turn comes for the free first 15 metres fibre optic installation:

  • i know you shouldn’t be too picky when something is free, but do take charge of the installation and specify exactly where you want the fibre optic/trunking to run, within reasonable limits of course. these guys have a schedule to keep to.
  • stop them immediately and ask if you have no idea what they are doing. you might be able to offer alternatives that would result in a tidier installation. for example, if i had known the cut they made at the side of my existing trunking was only for the cable to pass through, i would have told them to use the drill which they brought to make a small hole instead. the “bridge” over the existing trunking could have been avoided the same way.

actual broadband speed in singapore – fibre optic/ cable/ mobile/ etc

18 Nov

on maxonline express... what happened to 16mbps?

this is kinda related to my earlier post on comparison of fibre optic broadband plans in singapore.

if you eat and breathe the interwebz like me, you will probably be concerned with your internet connection. are you getting the claimed broadband speeds that you paid for from your telco?

most likely not.

this is because the telcos usually advertise the maximum speed possible and not the actual average speed that subscribers should expect, so don’t be surprised if you signed up for a 16mbits plan but find that you only get a fraction of the pipe whenever you test your connection speed. (you can try http://www.speedtest.net for global speed or http://www.speedtest.com.sg for speed with a server in singapore)

there’s good news though, from the business times article, “Telcos may have to disclose actual broadband speeds [2010] 12 Nov_BT“.

in a nutshell, consumers might have the chance to choose which plan to sign up for based on the real average speed instead of the theoretical maximum speed.

the interwebz is approaching!

24 Sep

!!! what's this?? fibre optic cables??

coming back home one day, something unfamiliar greeted me in the stairwell. it’s a biege box that looks newly installed and suspicious cables were spewing out of it.

it's the interwebz!!

when i reached my door, there it was next to the electricity meter – a smaller biege box with the unmistakable “opennet” label.

i rub my hands with anticipation and started taking pictures.

fibre optic interwebz is coming to town :D

fibre-optic broadband plans in Singapore from singtel, m1, starhub – but does it matter?

4 Sep

this is could have been the moment i had been waiting for since the Next Gen NBN was announced two years ago – finally the local telcos are rolling out fibre-optic broadband plans for the mass market.

but does it matter?

of course it matters! i don't want to wait 3 days to find out what the intriguing storyline of this 1.2Gb movie is!!1

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