End of BSc arc. What’s next?

20 Aug

I’ve finally (and incredibly fortunately) passed the final 3 papers for the degree I am reading. Thus ends 5 years of part-time studies which had been a constant drain on my resources. We’ll see if it was worth it soon enough.

I’m glad it’s over, because I had lined up quite a few things to work on even before I started on the exams.

First is to train to compete in SWF’s powerlifting meet next year. I’ve been wanting to compete in a strength sport ever since HomeTeamNS started the Strongman competition, but I don’t think I’ll stand a chance at all without weight categorisation. Organised powerlifting competitions are only starting to appear in Singapore in recent years. I’ll be joining with intention for a podium finish of course, so my aim is to be able to lift the weights of 2012’s top 3 in the under-74kg category for all 3 lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. No lift, no join.

Next is to support my wife with the technology aspects of her ventures. I’ve been meaning to help her with her website and apps development, now I can sit down and concentrate on it. Learning app development will also come in useful in my other venture with SY which was put on the backburner because of my exams (I haven’t forgot about it, dude).

That’s basically the two main focus of this new arc, along with my usual interests in diet/nutrition, physical therapy and funny pictures of cats. :)


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