distance learning in singapore – uol exams registration

17 Feb

it’s that time of the year for me again – exam registration for uol’s distance learning programme.

every year around this time i make my way to relc to register the exams i will be taking around may-june.

plenty of directions to make sure you don’t get lost.

more after the jump…

the instructions get more complicated each year… although the actual process is still the same ^^;

people waiting for their turn to make payment.

there’s always a crowd and it’s a long wait…

some people snooze…

most will be jabbing at their phones.

abandoned newspaper spotted!

and now it’s mine :D

had time for a cuppa even after reading the papers.

i see some students registering to take 5 papers! wonder how they cope unless they are studying full-time.

the guy who handled my registration was quite curious about the degree i was reading, “hmm… this is my first time seeing this degree. what do you do after graduation? ambassador? politician?”

will just be taking two papers this year. should have ample time to prepare ^^


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