chinese new year in the singaporean heartlands

1 Feb

looking forward to the ang baos? just a few more days to the super long weekend!

it's the year of the rabbit, for those who aren't familiar with chinese horoscope

was out and about picking up some red packets, just in case i needed to give away any this year.


an open area in front of shophouses in ang mo kio town centre had been converted to a hall selling all kinds of lunar new year related decorations.

red packets with rabbits on them were on offer, like buy 1 get 1. maybe because you can’t reuse them next year?

there are many designs of ang baos to choose from but it’s all mixed up in the cart. it’s actually kind of therapeutic to rummage through the mess of ang baos. ^^

smart shopkeeper probably anticipated this and had sorted all the available designs on a display board above the carts. ^^

to the left are the shophouses. lots of people doing their chinese new year shopping: decorations for the house, new clothes for visiting, bak kwa and snacks and whatnot. bak kwa prices escalate faster than oil prices as chinese new year approaches and yet queues form in front of bak kwa shops and popular brands are quickly sold out. (forgot to take a photo of the bak kwa shop ^^;)

many still shop in the heartlands despite mega shopping malls sprouting up in almost every town. i was really surprised that some of the family-run clothing stores, especially children wear, were doing a roaring business.

have you done your chinese new year shopping yet?

all photos taken with a nokia n86.


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