a week of mishaps

21 Jan

this year stuttered off rockily with a major hiccup on my first job assignment.
then last night my desk was devastated by a spilt cup of coffee. a terrible sight if you realise that it is cramped with 4 monitors, 3 mouse (mice?) and 2 keyboards.
the squishy wrist rest of mousepads soaks up liquid like a sponge, actually. ^^;

the best was yet to come, of course.

and came it did in the form of a near accident.
an oncoming car plowed straight into my scoot’s path as i was making a turn out of the service road right outside of my office. i barely managed to swerve past unharmed.
the driver claimed that he did not see me at all.

not wanting to escalate the situation into a case of road rage and end up on the front page of the next day’s TheNewPaper (and the driver is probably one of my colleagues’ bf or hubby), i left it at that and went home.

what’s that about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?



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