online shopping for cheap health supplements

3 Jan


the goodies from the interwebz (usa).

before the world wide webz, most of us folks were at the mercy of local health stores like nature’s farm and gnc when it came to sports and health supplements. i still remember paying hundreds of bucks for gigantic tubs of mega mass which tasted like powdered diabetes and collecting little loyalty stamps to exchange for some royal jelly or vitamin c caps. ^^;

then came the interwebz, local online retailers sprouted up and prices started dropping.

a little bit later from the depths of the forums came mass orders (or MOs) and sprees, where net denizens came together to achieve better economy of scale by concentrating their purchasing power and sharing delivery charges.

retailers from beyond the straits of singapore also became more accessible and this really opened up the choice of items available for purchase.

i luv the interwebz, among many many other reasons, for helping me save moolah purchasing supplements and finding gym gear not available in singapore.

my order of fish oil - jarrow's max dha. good stuff at good price.

i ordered these fish oil softgels before xmas and received them just before the new year. they came up to an average of $24 each bottle, a cool $14 savings per bottle based on retail price of $38 at a local online retailer. woot!


claims to reduce elbow/ wrist pain and increase grip/ arm strength... the only way to find out is try them out myself.

also getting gym gear not available in singapore like fat gripz through an MO. only $54 for a pair, way cheaper than if i were to order and ship in a set on my own. ^^


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