lunch time gym equipment shopping trip

24 Dec

went out for a lunch-cum-shopping trip with gym buddy KH yesterday.

i’ve been trawling the interwebz for the best deals on gym equipment in singapore, will share my findings in another post. you will find it difficult to beat the deals i found, that much i am confident of. :D

this is part of the loot from yesterday’s mission: dumbbell plates!

the "J" logo turned upside down looks like an "L" initial ^^

more after the jump.

the rest of the loot? more weight plates haha.

wouldn't have guessed that they sold gym equipment here ^^;

our lunch time raid brought us to a hardware store in the industrial area near IMM.

we were served by a helpful chinese lady who obligingly let us help ourselves to the weight plates (we left quite a mess by the time we were done ^^;). they are having a xmas promo now, the rubberised 1-inch hole dumbbell (can use on barbells too) weight plates are going for as low as $2.40 per kg. cheap! offer till mid-Jan 2011.

got screw threaded barbells stashed in a corner too.

i’m not benefiting from this in any way fyi. just wanted to share a good deal :) tell them a good-looking chap who bought a few hundred dollars worth of plates sent you :D

you can find the shop at Toh Guan Center, #01-25. in singapore of course. ^^;


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