dinner with a view in the heart of orchard

26 Nov

tonight's dinner view - opposite of ck tang, outside of orchard mrt

went orchard to do a bit of shopping. the view above is actually from the food court ^^ got bored waiting for my kaki so started snapping pics at random.

at the junction of takashimaya, paragon and knightsbridge

as usual the orchard stretch is already fully adorned with christmas decorations by november.

managed to complete today’s mission but it also made me realise that i need to start trimming my belly or i’ll have to upsize. the only time i want to upsize is when i order food at mackers, not when trying on pants -_-

another view from the food court

and of course, no post is complete without a gratuitous kopi shot :D


One Response to “dinner with a view in the heart of orchard”

  1. xB November 27, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    Haha I realised that the kopi shot at the end of the post has become your signature signoff. Should hv brought your camera along nx time, pics from hp does produced some noise but is compensated by the great lightings along Orchard Road.

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