gone boating!

24 Nov

had the opportunity to try my hand at seaboat handling :)

a view beyond the practice area.

notice the change in the colour of the sea nearer to the horizon. i always found it fascinating to look at…

heading to the jetty. life jacket compulsory beyond the yellow line.

all the boats in the background are from the yacht club.

capsize drill in progress... which i didn't get to try.

this is where two chaps will attempt to flip an overturned boat right side up.

the dudes with me on the boat. i'm behind the wheel :)

picture quality is really bad cuz my mobile was in a ziplock bag. there’s actually another dude at the bottom right but i couldn’t see what i was shooting at all.

the boat was surprisingly difficult to handle with the current and what not… i think might be also because i was handling it too gingerly ^^;

i didn’t mean to take a pic of the life buoys. the pics on the boat are taken blind as the sun was really out and i couldn’t make anything out on the display at all, not to mention the blurryness from the ziplock bag.

heading back into the jetty area.

bringing the boat back up. the manly way.

the chaps conducting the training were really good. they know their stuff very well and made the training rather enjoyable :)


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