actual broadband speed in singapore – fibre optic/ cable/ mobile/ etc

18 Nov

on maxonline express... what happened to 16mbps?

this is kinda related to my earlier post on comparison of fibre optic broadband plans in singapore.

if you eat and breathe the interwebz like me, you will probably be concerned with your internet connection. are you getting the claimed broadband speeds that you paid for from your telco?

most likely not.

this is because the telcos usually advertise the maximum speed possible and not the actual average speed that subscribers should expect, so don’t be surprised if you signed up for a 16mbits plan but find that you only get a fraction of the pipe whenever you test your connection speed. (you can try for global speed or for speed with a server in singapore)

there’s good news though, from the business times article, “Telcos may have to disclose actual broadband speeds [2010] 12 Nov_BT“.

in a nutshell, consumers might have the chance to choose which plan to sign up for based on the real average speed instead of the theoretical maximum speed.


4 Responses to “actual broadband speed in singapore – fibre optic/ cable/ mobile/ etc”

  1. xB November 20, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    So now I can check my actual dload and uload speed in my pc now? how do i check?

  2. xB November 23, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    haha , i tested twice,
    1st attempt> DL 9.90 and UL 0.65
    2nd attempt> DL 9.65 and UL 0.67
    How? change N router? keke

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