i know your future

3 Nov

the morning shot

i was enjoying my morning cuppa on a rare, quiet weekday morning at a coffeeshop when a gentleman who was hovering around the area walked over to me and asked:

“hello sir, want your fortune told?” (in mandarin)

i shook my head between sips of my traditional sock-drawn java but he insisted:

“oh, i see you look like you have a good life sir.”

of course. i am rock star altair.

peace just before the beginning of the morning rush

i politely declined his offer again with a “sorry” and continued with my kopi. the wandering fortune teller smiled and left.

tell my future? i don’t buy it at all.  nobody’s future is cast in stone. past performance is no guarantee or indication of future results yo, so don’t even try to tell me you know how my life will play out.


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