review of optimum nutrition’s 100% casein protein

2 Nov

nutrition profile:

100% micellar casein! supplement companies usually use other types of caseinates or blend it with whey isolates or concentrates for their slow-release protein products because micellar is supposed to be more expensive. so i was quite delighted when i saw the label on my tub :)

but this is also where it gets confusing. i went to ON’s website and found their label claiming to be a blend. which one is correct? i will try writing in to ON to check.

the tub i bought from a local online retailer listed only micellar casein...

...while on Optimum Nutrition's own website it was listed as a blend of micellar and calcium caseinate.


i had the chocolate supreme flavour and mixed it with milk. the taste reminded me of milo but not as sweet, which i like. then again i don’t have a sweet tooth, so it might just be not sweet enough for others.

had also expected the texture to be thick and slightly powdery after mixing. i mixed with milk (10 ounces) and it was much thicker and more powdery tasting than i thought. adding more liquid and letting it sit for a bit after mixing seemed to make the drink smoother.


i mixed the protein powder with full fat milk in a normal shaker. mixes ok with shaking but there are times when a layer of powder get stuck to the inside wall of the shaker. it becomes thick very quickly, so don’t expect it to be as easily and as totally dissolved like regular whey. still acceptable for casein powder.


i got my 4 lbs tub for S$90 which i think is a good deal, especially considering the pure micellar casein content.


based on the four factors considered above, i would recommend optimum nutrition’s 100% casein to anybody looking for a slow-release protein powder for use just before sleeping.

hope the review is somehow useful for you! :D


One Response to “review of optimum nutrition’s 100% casein protein”

  1. Andreas July 1, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Great review of Casein !Casein protein is a great protein to satisfy hunger. We use it as a meal replacement, it has to be in certain relationship to increase efficiency.

    Nutreas Casein Protein

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