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25 Oct

"slow" protein - when you want your body to absorb the protein slowly

bought myself a tub of ON’s 100% casein from fitlion last week. i have a fair bit of experience ordering my health supplements from a variety of local online shops, ranging from one-man-operations like to the big boys like i won’t use my past experience since service quality might have changed (improved/deteriorated) since, so i’ll just share my recent experience with them. here’s the review of fitlion ;)


i liked fitlion’s website and ordering process. i can find the supplement i want quite easily (but this is may be because they don’t have too many products yet) and place an order immediately. registration is also not required to buy anything, just enter your details in the ordering process. what i like most is the option to pay cash on delivery, which is really a boon for those who can’t or do not wish to use credit card or paypal. or the one-hand-pay-money, one-hand-give-goods type.


delivery was on time and according to (my) instructions, which i like. due to the building’s security, it is not possible for outsiders to just walk up into my office, so often i ask delivery persons to wait at a specific location nearby and call me when they arrive.

the goods:

no complains. the tub of protein was clean and undamaged, delivered in fitlion’s own plastic bag along with the tax and delivery invoice.

coming up next: review of optimum nutrition’s casein protein :D


2 Responses to “review of”

  1. xB October 25, 2010 at 10:43 pm #

    Zun boh keke… ok lah my protein and creatine finishing soon,will ola from fitlion if their prices are competitive enough. Btw you got the free shaker?

    • rockstaraltair October 26, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

      nope, my order was only $90… i think above $100 then can get shaker.

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