what would you have done?

28 Sep

scenario: 2 ATMs, 2 queues. you join one queue. you wait 5 minutes and are now 2nd in your queue. suddenly the other ATM runs out of cash and the people from the 2nd queue stands around looking lost for a few seconds and reluctantly joins the back of your queue. however, the couple (uncle and auntie in early 50s, maybe) who was at the other machine just as the cash ran out just cuts into the front of your queue and the auntie mumbles “run out of cash already” to nobody in particular. the young lady (in your queue) in front of you shifts her weight in annoyance but does not protest. the uncle proceeds to use the ATM. another auntie (presumably from the other queue) appears next to the young lady, seemingly contemplating whether to cut the queue like the couple had done. fortunately she decides against the idea and joins the back of your queue.

would you had stepped in to stop the injustice happening right before your eyes and maybe beat some civic sense into the couple? – “oi no need to queue ah? all these people fake one ah?”
or just let it pass? – “nairmine la, just an old couple…”

well, i took the less confrontational approach.

on hindsight, maybe i shouldn’t have as it would set a precedent for the rest from the other queue, like the auntie who contemplated cutting queue. imagine if she decided to cut in as well, you might see my face on stomp or youtube – “catfight over atm machine: man vs auntie”  -_-;


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