simple ways to improve digestion… and health

20 Sep

when it comes to healthy eating, for most of us it usually means making healthier food choices and our job is done once the food reaches the mouth. the rest is up to our bodies to digest and absorb the nutrients.

not the healthy eating i was talking about, no matter how they spin it.

i then found out that there are two simple things i could do to help out with the digestion process.

q: waitaminit. why should i be bothered with the digestion process? i am already eating all the right things.

a: if your body is unable to absorb/digest the nutritious food you ate, you are not going to benefit from the nutrients in the food that you ate in the first place.

i had come across some articles that advised eating your food in a certain sequence or take certain supplements to aid digestion. while these methods may have their merits, i don’t think everybody will want go to that extent. here i introduce two simple methods that anybody can try (if you are not already doing it).

chew thoroughly

thoroughly chewed food is much easier for your body to break down. also, your saliva has an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates while you chew. think like about 15-20 noms. it’s a bit silly to count your noming for every bite, so just chew til your food is really mashed.

don’t drink water while eating

the water dilutes the stomach acid necessary for digestion. the need to drink water might also be a sign that you are not chewing enough and need the water to push the food down your throat. of course, this advice goes out the window when the food in question is seletar airbase’s level 30 buffalo wings -_-;

buffalo wings from sunset bar & grill in seletar airbase. nice picture. not taken by me though, i nicked it off somebody else's photo album -.-

the above points are the takeaways from the t-nation article i read here:

T NATION | You Don’t Know How to Digest.

while the article is geared towards bodybuilders, i think regular peeps can benefit from such information too.


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