DIY training equipment: weighted chin-up/ dip belt

16 Sep

the view outside the gym. nice day. too bad it's not today.

looking around for a dip belt to do weighted chin-ups and dips but was too cheapskate unwilling to shell out close to a hundred bucks for it.

so how? make my own. here are what i needed for my homemade dip belt.

the most expensive part of the DIY dip belt - a proper climbing carabiner, costs abt $20-30 if you don't already own one

don’t bother getting those cheap aluminium ones people use as keychains unless keys are all that you intend you attach to the belt. in that case, save yourself the trouble and don’t make the belt. unless for some reason you want to make a belt just to hang keys.

a carabiner can support a lot of weight. the weak link of this homemade belt is actually the knot i will be tying to secure the strap to the carabiner, and the strength of the strap itself. while i love the soft feel of silk or the reliable toughness of steel chains, the former might tear and allow a 20kg plate to crush some unfortunate bystander’s toes and even worse, my own; the other would surely leave bruises on my delicate skin. so i opted for the canvas/nylon(?) strap – soft and durable.

a length of canvas strap - costs a few bucks from any textile shop

step 1: tie one end of the strap securely to the carabiner

i just tied multiple dead knots to make sure it will never undo itself.

step 2: tie an adjustable loop on the other end of the strap

the knots must be secure. if either end slips while the belt is loaded with plates, it’s either you’ll get your ass thrown out of the gym or lose a couple of toes. maybe even both.

step 3: the strap goes around your hip/waist twice with both ends in front. you need to adjust the length for yourself. the free end (not attached to the carabiner) is used to string weight plates and...

step 4: ...finally is used to hook up to the carabiner :)

the belt i’m using now holds up to two 15kg barbell plates, hoping to test it further. working pretty well so far.


4 Responses to “DIY training equipment: weighted chin-up/ dip belt”

  1. xB September 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    The pics are very well taken and clear. Took me sometime to get an idea how its done although I know exactly how its gonna be use and look like when one is using. If Im not wrong, one of the end which was not secured to the carabinger had to go thru the ‘holes’ of the metal plates then the ‘adjustable hook’ to the carabinger again? So the weights will actually be hanging on the carabinger itself right?
    if you got a pic of you using the dip belt will be superb as it will give other a better idea how its gonna be use.


  1. update – more photos on home-made dip belt « - September 23, 2010

    […] you can find the very simple instructions to a diy weighted dip/ chin up belt here. […]

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