fibre-optic broadband plans in Singapore from singtel, m1, starhub – but does it matter?

4 Sep

this is could have been the moment i had been waiting for since the Next Gen NBN was announced two years ago – finally the local telcos are rolling out fibre-optic broadband plans for the mass market.

but does it matter?

of course it matters! i don't want to wait 3 days to find out what the intriguing storyline of this 1.2Gb movie is!!1

no. because i had just renewed a two-year cable broadband contract with starhub just weeks ago. f*ck!

anyway for those of you early adopters, here are the access plans available (which i nicked from cnet crave):


2mbps mobile broadband combo makes starhub's plans attractive to those mobile troopers. there is a choice of hubbing pack combos too.


cheapest among the three. comes with free digital voice line.


one thing you must consider is that the speeds indicated are the maximum speeds, meaning is possible to go that fast but will it always? NO. in fact usually you will not get such speeds for reasons that i will leave for your local telco customer service to explain. i do hope that it will be faster than my claimed-16mbps-but-usually-1mbps connection though -_-||

according to cnet crave’s post, m1 and starhub are offering 3 month trial, can check it out with them if you are interested.


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