websites of mass distraction

30 Aug

somehow i tend to stumble upon WMDs without even trying. must be the countless hours i spend on the interwebz.

one of the funniest i came across in a long time (the last one was, yes it had been that long) –

 a couple more websites of mass distraction after the jump…

it’s not just the funnies, there are other articles which are rather useful and no less funny than the purely nonsensical ones. like the one below on how to use a semicolon. useful!

a party what?

another one which i came across which might not be as funny as the first but might end up an even more dangerous blackhole at sucking up your time.

it starts off from…

then leads you to…

and to god knows where…

but much lulz nonetheless XD

by this point i totally forgot why i was on the internet already.

consider yourself warned ^^;


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