strongman training?

24 Aug

the idea of training with strongman implements had always been in the back of my mind and i am curious at how i, at a small-ish 5’6″ and 158lbs, will fare.

i was training deadlifts in the gym when a colleague came up and told me about a group of like-minded people who meets up weekly to train using strongman equipment in woodlands… and it’s free! :D

so what’s strongman training? a few examples of it:

farmer's walk or log walk

sled dragging or pulling

tyre flipping

waiting for my colleague to send me more info on the group :)


One Response to “strongman training?”

  1. ken September 30, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    Glad to see someone at your size is thinking about trying this type of training! Here at, we make custom strongman gear for smaller guys to start training with. People in my city are just waking up to the benifits of strongman and we offer ATLAS STONES from 118lbs and up, LOGS from 80lbs and up and tons of other fun stuff. You can substitute many exercises in your local gym, but wrapping your paws around the real deal is kick ass!! Here is an example of some exercises you can try if you don’t have the equipment: PLATE ROWS= ATLAS STONES: Load a few 45s ontop of a 2×4, get your fingers underneath the sides, slightly bend at the hips with a straight back and simply row toward your lower chest. Get creative & Stay Strong!!

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