reality check

13 Aug

 this is to the guys – which figure would you like to have?



or massive?

judging from the avatars, cubicle pinups and wallpapers i’ve seen, i would guess more guys would probably choose donnie the ip man or arnie as guys prefer a beefier physique. most of the ladies i checked with, however, would prefer a man with a lean body like nakata’s. still many gym rats like myself hit the gym, hoping to put another inch on our biceps so that the sleeves of our extra-medium slim-fit t-shirt would fit tightly despite advice from well-meaning friends that we are “too big”.

a comrade whom i was chatting with made this wise comment – “so you work out because you want to look good right? sure it’s cool to be big and muscular and envy of the guys… but do you want your body to attract girls or guys?” ^^;


One Response to “reality check”

  1. xB August 14, 2010 at 1:38 pm #

    Definitely Ipman will be the choice, Nakata lean but skinny. whether its to attract gals or guys, ultimately its to satisfy own’s ego first.
    Nakata’s figure, most gals like but cannot satisfy a guy’s ego
    Arnie’s figure, no-no for gals but some guys like and envy of many guys
    Ipman’s figure, in the midle, best, still got gals like and will also be envy of guys.

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