annoyances in cubeville

12 Aug

life in cubeville is peaceful. you usually only hear the clickety-clack of the keyboard or flipping of newspapers. this is occasionally broken by the loud laughter or chatter of colleagues – nothing annoying, really.

but sometimes annoyances just grab you by your throat.

(i’m typing what i hear realtime, right now)

“oh it works.”

“eh shucks, arh…(mock scream)”

“ok let’s see…”

“wah cannot ah”

“wah got problem”

“hmm? syntax is incorrect. am i missing…” (mumbles)

“wah lau eh. aiya.” (shifts loudly in rickety seat)

“ya la it’s this line here… wah… hmm? wah…”

“this is not good.”

“got problem ah. got problem with this line, if i take this out…” (mumbles)

“oh a question mark, i found a question mark.”

“eh? i got it already. eh? but cannot leh, only filters one…”

“oh! i found it! i found the missing character…”


all this in the space of less than 10mins and at an audio level slightly louder than one would normally use when voicing out your thoughts to yourself, sometimes known as the justincasesomebodyintheadjacentcubiclemightberemotelyinterestedin whatiamdoingnow level. do you need some attention? do you? huh? DO YOU??!

the devil...

...or the deep blue sea.

go start a blog or something, like xiaxue or steven lim so that people can have a choice of ignoring you instead of becoming captive audience to your monologue in the adjacent cube.

so unless somebody is really at your cube listening to you or you are working on a cure for cancer or are the protagonist in a poorly-written movie that requires you to talk your actions out loud, do your neighbours a favour and shuddup. thanks.


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