so that’s how the photo was shopped

4 Aug

i love multi-tasking... and the wacom tablet too!

 attended a photoshop course recently. ’tis only my second time using a mac and first time using a wacom tablet. it took just a few moments to get used to the tablet and it’s really cool, i feel like a pro just by photoshopping with the tablet XD

learned some clever tricks and the ways images can be manipulated. the surprising part was how simple some of the impressive effects were achieved. more pics of what the class did after the jump.

take this

add this get this. nice?

i suppose that’s also because i’m quite the photoshop newbie and am easily impressed :p

wondering how to spruce up your plain ol' tissue box?

how about some nice purple lace pattern?

cool right?

definitely more interesting than the last seminar i attended on mobile technologies -_-


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