squats and 2.4km run for IPPT – results

26 Jul

this is the follow-up to the previous post on whether training squats will help you pass your 2.4km timing.

here’s the result of the subject’s test:

verdict: to get better at running, go run.

 so my highly unscientific and unstandardised test proves that if you don’t train according to your purpose, you will get a “Try harder next time” at the end of your result slip.

seriously, there is no magic technique to learn or shortcuts that you can take to pass the IPPT 2.4km run. just go out and run. and keep running until you improve.

this programme will be of interest to all the nsmen out there who are struggling with their yearly IPPT. in a nutshell, you will be off the hook for the year once you complete all the 8 sessions of the IPT programme, even if you fail the IPPT held at the end of the programme. good deal if you ask me. i know many who swear by this programme in order to escape the dreaded RT.


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