from one extreme to another

13 Jul

nice smelling day took a turn for the worse.

was showering after my gym session just now. someone was taking a dump in a nearby toilet cubicle and refused to flush until he was totally done.

knn it really stinks.

i know water is precious but can’t you flush once in a while? it’s not like there is a minimum amount of poo to reach before you can use the flush. while you are basking in the comforting and familiar smell of your own poop gathering at the bottom of your throne, think of the people stuck in the shower stalls with shampoo in their hair and soap in their pits who may not enjoy the smell as much as you.

be kind. use the flush.

here’s a nice sfw picture of the beautiful scarlett johansson from lost in translation to soothe the nerves.

captivating, even with all her clothes on.


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