affordable and reliable online bookstore… with free shipping!

2 Jul

This is for the online shoppers out there.

First came across this online bookstore when I was searching for some books that I couldn’t find in the local Kino or Borders. Going to the online giant Amazon didn’t help either, some of their sellers do not ship internationally, delivery charges were too expensive or do not accept credit cards.

free shipping... or not?

Somehow I stumbled upon BookDepository. Books in stock? – Yes. Ship internationally?  – Yes. To Singapore? – Yes.  Credit card payment? – Yes. Good. Oh wait, there’s more – free shipping all over the world! Orly??

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. So being the kiasi that I am, I put on my skeptic’s hat and did my due diligence, which means trawling the web for horror stories associated with the store – came across complains about responsiveness when deliveries went awry but there were more positive reviews :) good enough for me.

A quick comparison of prices between BookDepository and Amazon – BD has slightly higher prices, that’s probably because the shipping charges are factored in. Overall I still save more from the shipping charges, so do check on delivery fees to your part of the world and do your own comparison.

Placed my order and after a few weeks of not-too-nervous waiting, the books arrived! Each book arrived in the mailbox in its own bubble-lined envelope which looked like it was sent through normal post, so don’t expect it to be in mint condition.

Since then I had bought several more books from them, no problems so far :)

Gets the thumbs-up from me.

p/s: they recently got another site up – – basically does the same thing as the UK site, just that this one is US-based.


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